Put the power of games to work for your company!

Design your Business Game with BUGA and gamify your virtual,

In Person or hybrid / phygital events.

For your employees, customers or partners, BUGA offers a wide range of creative solutions to boost the engagement of your participants.

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place your participants into an immersive virtual space filled with mysteries and riddles of all kinds.

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The key to success in meeting the various challenges
before the time runs out?
Strategy, logic, observation but above all
collaboration and team spirit!

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3 adventures to choose from,
in virtual or in person!

Confirmation within 24 hours subject to availability.


From training to team building, for your employees, customers or partners, face-to-face or virtual, let's co-construct a Business Game to meet your objectives!

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Based on an approach combining neuroscience and edutainment, the BUGA method brings you a solution that is
impactful and engaging solution:
Participants immersed in an immersive universe,
an event punctuated by gamified content,
a fun and friendly animation provided by our team of Game Masters / Professional Facilitators.

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a customized experience
in virtual or in person !


Do you want to make your recruitment, onboarding, activation and retention processes more impactful?

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BUGA Business Games offers you strategic and operational support to engage your audience through games: defining your business needs, developing specifications, implementing and evaluating; our team of gamification experts will support you at every stage of your project.

the buga methodology!

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Did you think you couldn't connect online? Come test our virtual break room and discover its many possibilities!

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